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About Us

  Om Gallery works with family industries in Asia and around the world. We promote fair trade, condemn demonic working conditions and enjoy helping Cooperative Cottage Industries in developing countries. Every article of Om Gallery merchandise is handmade by one of our many families of tailors, cobblers, lantern makers and lamp makers. We enjoy many meals with our partners, many laughs and the satisfaction of knowing that everything we make is handmade with an agreed price that is profitable to our partners. Many people ask about how or where our merchandise is made and under what conditions. Well, our friends name a cost for our design and then the entire family and their partners go to work. In 2002 three of our partner families built new homes and workshops to employ more villagers. These partners are all very good personal friends of ours and our survival depends on each other, therefore making us closer and trusting.
As a company we are about moving forward the cause of fair trade and economic sustainability while generating creativity in the manufacturing sector. We ultimately illustrate this through our eclectic and unique designs.

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