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Om Gallery's enchanting Moon Driftwood Wall Art is a celestial masterpiece that brings the magic of the night sky into your home. Measuring 14 inches by 14 inches, this exquisite piece serves as a captivating focal point that radiates tranquility and wonder.

Each Moon Driftwood Wall Art is a unique creation skillfully handcrafted from weathered driftwood in the Philippines. Our talented artisans expertly arrange the driftwood pieces to form the graceful crescent shape of the moon with two stars, evoking a sense of cosmic beauty and celestial harmony.

With its earthy tones and textured surface, this wall art piece adds a touch of rustic elegance and organic warmth to any space. Whether adorning an indoor or outdoor space it serves as a symbolic reminder of the eternal cycles of nature and the infinite possibilities that lie beyond.

Hang it alone or pair it with other celestial-themed decors to create a celestial sanctuary that inspires imagination and contemplation. Or, gift it to a dreamer or stargazer as a meaningful symbol of their connection to the universe and the mysteries of the night sky.

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