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Om Gallery's harmonious Yin Yang Driftwood Wall Art is a captivating symbol of balance and unity. Measuring 17 inches by 17 inches, this exquisite piece seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor decor, bringing a sense of tranquility and harmony to any space.

Each Yin Yang Driftwood Wall Art is a true work of art skillfully handcrafted in the Philippines from weathered driftwood. Our talented artisans expertly arrange the driftwood pieces to form the iconic yin-yang symbol, representing the interconnectedness of opposites and the cyclical nature of existence.

With its durable construction and weather-resistant design, this wall art piece is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether adorning a meditation room, patio, garden, or sacred space, it serves as a serene focal point that inspires balance and inner harmony.

Hang it alone to create a tranquil sanctuary or pair it with other spiritual decor to infuse your space with positive energy and mindfulness. Or, gift it to a friend or loved one as a meaningful symbol of unity, balance, and the interconnectedness of all things.

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